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About Divorce Barristers

We are well-known family law barristers who specialise in resolving the financial aspects of divorce and relationship breakdown. We provide cost-effective and clear expert advice to assist people who are considering divorce and wish to consider their options, or are at an early stage in the process.

Where Do We Work?

We represent clients in courts throughout England and Wales. We travel widely and can usually organise a meeting with you at a convenient location, or you may prefer to visit us at our Chambers in the heart of Legal London. Where possible we keep your costs down by communicating by email, telephone or Skype. We are also able to arrange meetings outside normal office hours to fit with your other work or family commitments. We make every effort to be truly accessible.

Family solicitors throughout the country continue to come to us for our advice and assistance with cases. You can ask your solicitor to instruct us if you prefer to approach us that way.