Andrzej Bojarski

Andrzej Bojarski

Areas of Expertise

  • Family Finance
  • Family Dispute Resolution (Including Arbitration and Mediation)
  • Cohabitee Disputes (TOLATA)

Ranked in Chambers & Partners 2017


Call: 1995


Head of 36 Family (the 36 Group’s family law practice team)

Family Arbitrator

Family Mediator

Mediator (CEDR accredited)

Preferred Counsel for the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Practice Profile

Andrzej Bojarski specialises in the financial aspects of family relationship breakdown, particularly in high–value, complex and international cases. As well as instructions from solicitors throughout England and Wales, his advice is also sought on international jurisdiction and enforcement issues by lawyers from overseas. Andrzej is qualified to act as an arbitrator in financial disputes under rules of the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators ( Andrzej is also a Mediator and conducts private FDRs.

Work Undertaken

  • Financial remedies upon divorce or upon dissolution of civil partnership – particularly cases involving:
  • Business assets;
  • Trusts (onshore and offshore);
  • Disputes over property owned with third parties;
  • International jurisdiction and enforcement.
  • Property disputes between cohabitees or other family members.
  • Pre–nuptial and other marital agreements.
  • Living Together / Cohabitation agreements.
  • Financial provision for children under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989.
  • Claims against estates under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants Act) 1975.
  • Disputes over the administration of estates and probate.
  • Disputes over international jurisdiction and forum non conveniens in all the above areas.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: arbitration, mediation, private–FDRs/neutral evaluation.
  • Professional negligence claims relating to the above areas of work.


Halsbury’s Laws of England, Fifth Edition

Halsbury's Laws of England, Fifth Edition(Matrimonial and Civil Partnership volumes) (LexisNexis, 6th Edition) (Consulting Editor)

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36 Family Finance Newsletter

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Nuptial Agreements: Limiting the Family Lawyers’ Exposure to Negligence Claims

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Private Criminal Prosecutions in Financial Remedies Cases

Family Law Week (February 2013) An article exploring how criminal private prosecutions might be used in family financial proceedings where fraud or asset dissipation has taken place.

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Unlocking Matrimonial Assets on Divorce

Unlocking Matrimonial Assets on DivorceThis handbook is a practical and user-friendly guide to some of the more challenging areas of financial remedy practice. It is divided into detailed parts and contains specialist contributions from a forensic accountant, an actuary and an offshore trust specialist and Sir Peter Singer. In concentrating on complex areas of practice, this edition provides practitioners with assistance in unlocking assets for the benefit of their client.

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Business Valuations: Do Lawyers and Accountants Speak the Same Language

Seminar at SGCL Mid–Year Family Conference, London (June 2015) Presented with Geoff Mesher of Tempest Forensic Accounting

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Should Family Lawyers Use the F–Word More Often

Seminar at 36 Bedford Row (June 2015) Exploring how family lawyers might use tortious and criminal fraud proceedings to assist their clients. Paper available on request.

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TOLATA claims for Family Lawyers

SGCL Webiner (December 2014) Webinar with Rhys Taylor on the law and procedure applicable to proceedings over property ownership in the civil courts.

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Pensions on Divorce

SGCL Webinar (November 2014) Webinar with Rhys Taylor of 36 Bedford Row along with Clive Weir of Albert Goodman present the recent changes to pensions and how these changes will impact divorcing couples and advice given by solicitors.

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Nuptial Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements: Practical Considerations for the Lawyer

SGCL webinar (October 2014) With Rhys Taylor. This webinar provided information for practitioners who advise married couples, those in civil partnerships or unmarried cohabiting couples on how they might regulate their financial and other affairs while together and in the event the relationship breaks down.

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Imerman: From ‘cheat’s charter’ to ‘damp squib’?

Hanson Renouf Financial Remedies in Complex and Offshore Divorces (June 2013) Seminar presented at conference in St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands. Paper available on request.

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Making the Future Predictable: Nuptial and Cohabitation Agreements

Simon Gore Events (June 2013) Webinar explaining the law relating to pre– and post–nuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements, including practical tips on drafting and challenging such agreements.

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Unlocking Trust Assets on Divorce

MBL seminars (April 2013) A webinar explaining how trusts can be used as an asset in divorce and civil partnership proceedings.

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Appointments & Memberships

  • Licensed for Direct Public Access
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  • Member of the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators
  • Mediator accredited by CEDR
  • Family Mediator regulated by ADRgroup
  • Registered as a direct access barrister under the Bar Council’s Direct Public Access scheme
  • Equality and Human Rights Commission – list of preferred counsel
  • Member of the Family Law Bar Association
  • Member of the Chancery Bar Association
  • Affiliate member of Resolution